> Integrated Debugger


  Integrated Debugger

The IDE's integrated debugger is a source-level debugger.

You follow the execution of the program and set breakpoints in the Pascal source file in the edit window. You examine and modify variables using Pascal variable names and Pascal syntax.

To use the debugger, choose Options|Debugger to open the Debugger dialog box, then set the Debugging option to Integrated.

Compile and link the program with commands from the Compile menu.

When you run the program with the Run|Run command, the debugger takes over.

You can get to the debugger commands via one of the following:

 the Debug menu     the Run menu       debugger hot keys

The debugger uses the Edit window to show where execution has been halted and to show breakpoints.

If watch expressions have been defined, a Watch window shows the values of those expressions.

The menus are is available while the debugger is in use. You can make editing changes to the source file in the Edit window and recompile the program with the regular Compile menu commands.

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