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The Watches window displays the current value of watch expressions. When the Watches window is active, the currently active watch expression is highlighted.

The debugger re-evaluates these expressions each time your program's execution is halted.

You can use any of the cursor-movement keys to select a different expression.

To edit the highlighted expression, press Enter. This brings up the Edit Watch dialog box. You can edit the expression in the dialog box's Expression input box.

Press the Down arrow key to pick up the rest of the expression and place it in the input box.

You can also use the history list to pick a previously used watch expression.

As you add more watch expressions with the Add Watch command, the window grows to show all expressions.

If you add more expressions after the Watch window reaches maximum size, some expressions will scroll out of the window.

You can scroll the window's contents with the mouse, or with the cursor-movement keys.

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