> Using the ObjectBrowser


 Using the ObjectBrowser

The ObjectBrowser lets you visually browse through the object hierarchies, units, and globals in your program.

Before you browse, these options must be on:

  ■ Debug Information (Options|Compiler Options)
  ■ Local Symbols (Options|Compiler Options
  ■ Symbol Information (Options|Compiler Options
  ■ Integrated/Browsing (Options|Debugger)

Compile your program before you browse.

To activate the ObjectBrowser, choose one of these methods:

  ■ Choose Search|Objects
  ■ Choose Search|Units
  ■ Choose Search|Globals
  ■ Choose Search|Symbol

   Hot keys used in the ObjectBrowser
   Hot key      Mouse equivalent           What it does
  Ctrl+I      │ click I in window frame  │ Toggle inheritance information
  Ctrl+O      │                          │ Select local browser options
  Ctrl+P      │ Search|Previous browser  │ Open a previous browser
  Ctrl+R      │ click R in window frame  │ List references to the unit
  Ctrl+S      │ click S in window frame  │ View unit declarations
  Shift+Enter │                          │ Reverses the current setting
  Shift+Next- │ hold down shift and      │ Reverses current Sub-Browsing
  Browsing-   │ click next browsing      │ option for this action only
  Action      │ action                   │

When Reference information is displayed, you can choose from these additional hot keys:

   Hot key      Mouse equivalent           What it does
  Ctrl+Enter  │                          │ Edit source code
  Ctrl+G      │                          │ Go to source code
  Ctrl+T      │                          │ Track source code

Right click in the browser window to display the Browser local menu or press Alt+F10.

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