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Most of what you see and do in the Borland Pascal environment happens in a window.

A window is a bordered screen area that you can move, resize, zoom, rearrange, close, and open.

Borland Pascal makes it easy to spot the active window; it always has a double-lined border around it, and it always has these elements:

     Close                  Zoom  
      box                    box  
       │                      │
       V                      V
    ╔═[■]═════ Title Bar ════[ ]═╗
    ║                            ▒
    ║                            ▒
    ║                            ▒
    ║                            ■
    ║                            ▒
    ║                            ▒<────┐
    ║                            ▒     │
    ╚═▒▒■▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒══╝     │
                     ^                 │
                                 Scroll Bars 

You can have any number of windows open in Borland Pascal (memory allowing), but only one window can be active at any time. The active window is the one that you're currently working in.

Generally, any command you choose or text you type applies only to the active window. (But if you have the same file open in several windows, the action applies to the file in each of those windows.)

If your windows overlap, the active window is always the topmost one (the one on top of all the others).

The first nine windows you open in Borland Pascal display a window number in the title bar.

Alt-W L brings up the Window List dialog box, which lists all opened windows.

To make a window active (topmost), press Alt and the window number. For example, if the Help window is #5 but is buried under the other windows, you can press Alt-5 to quickly bring it to the front.

Edit windows also show the cursor's position (the current line and column number) as YY:XX in the bottom of the Edit window frame, where YY is the line number and XX is the column number.

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