> TEML non-terminating commands E-L


  TEML non-terminating commands E-L

The non-terminating commands do not cause an exit to the IDE. They can be used in any sequence.

  Command                    │ Action
  EndCursor                  │ Moves cursor to end of file buffer.
  ExtendBlockBeg             │ Initiates a series of commands that will
                             │ select a block of text between the initial and
                             │ ending positions of the cursor.
  ExtendBlockEnd             │ Ends a series of commands begun by
                             │ ExtendBlockBeg.
  FixCursorPos               │ Ensures that the cursor value specifies a row
                             │ between 1 and the number of lines in the
                             │ buffer, and a column greater than 0. If
                             │ the cursor through tab option is set, the
                             │ cursor is placed in the middle of a tab
                             │ character (see SetCursorThroughTabMode).
  FixScreenPos               │ Adjusts the screen display to ensure the
                             │ cursor is visible.
  FullPaintScreen            │ Redraws the entire window, making
                             │ no assumptions about what is onscreen.
  HideBlock                  │ Sets a flag indicating that the selected text
                             │ should not be highlighted.
  HighlightBlock             │ Sets a flag indicating that if the beginning
                             │ and end selected text markers are valid, the
                             │ selected text should be highlighted.
  HomeCursor                 │ Moves cursor to beginning of the file buffer.
  IndentBlock                │ Inserts a space at the beginning of each line
                             │ in the highlighted (selected) text.
  InsertText                 │ Inserts the literal "string" in the buffer at
                             │ the current cursor location. Use the
                             │ syntax InsertText(string) to call this command.
  LeftOfLine                 │ Moves cursor to beginning of the current line.
  LiteralChar                │ Inserts the character at the current
                             │ cursor location, without doing any special
                             │ processing  for newline, tab characters, etc.
                             │ Use the syntax LiteralChar(c), where c is a
                             │ character or integer value. Ths macro places
                             │ characters only into the editor and cannot be
                             │ used to control the IDE menu system.

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