> The Scope browser


 The Scope browser

The Scope view displays scope information of a symbol. It can contain the all the symbols declared within the scope of a program, unit, or object.

These are the abbreviations used in the scope view:

  const     constant
  func      function
  proc      procedure
  type      type
  var       variable or typed constant

Select which symbols you want to see in the Browser Options dialog box (Options|Browser).

For the current browser window only, you can specify which symbols you want to see in the Local Browser Options dialog box (browser local menu|Options or press Ctrl+O).

Hot keys used in the Scope view:

 Hot key             Mouse equivalent             What it does

 Ctrl+I              Click I in window frame      Display inheritance info
 Ctrl+O              Right-click to display       Display Local Browser
                     browser local menu, then     dialog box
                     click Options
 Ctrl+P              Click Search|Previous        Open the previous
                     browser                      browser window
 Ctrl+R              Click R in window frame      Display reference info
 Ctrl+S              Click S in window frame      Display scope info
 Shift+next browsing Hold down Shift and click    Reverses current Sub-
 action              next browsing action         Browsing option for this
                                                  action only

If a symbol doesn't have scope information, the reference information is displayed.

See Using the ObjectBrowser for more information.

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