> Resource Compiler Hints


   Resource Compiler Hints

These are a few things to note about the Resource Compiler script programming language:

    1. Comments begin with semicolon (;) and run to the end of the line. You
       can also use C-style comments (text between /* and */).
    2. Resource Compiler is not case sensitive with keywords (such as begin
       and end).
    3. Resource Compiler is case sensitive to symbolic names (such as
       cmFileNew and AboutBox).
    4. Resource Compiler is not sensitive to the use of whitespace.
    5. You must use the #include directive to include header files of
       constants. These are defined using the C-style #define command.
    6. You can use the #rcinclude directive to include other resource script
       files (*.RC or *.DLG); for example, to include compiled dialog boxes.
    7. It is best to use symbolic constant names, rather than numbers, for
       constants such as string IDs, menu command IDs, etc.
       These are normally defined using C-style constant definitions in a
       header file. You will also need to define Pascal constants in your
       programs to refer to these constants symbolically.
    8. Each menu item constant command ID and string ID must be unique.
    9. Menus can be nested arbitrarily (this creates hierarchical menus).
   10. Inside menu and dialog control items, the ampersand (&) tells the
       program to underline the next character.
   11. Inside menu items, the text \t generates a tab character to align
       text. This is often used to align keyboard-command equivalents.
   12. Hot keys must be defined in an accelerator table. The text included
       in menus does not automatically create accelerators.
   13. Controls, such as static text, that are never accessed under program
       control normally have the ID -1.
   14. Dialog and control locations are defined in the order Left, Top,
       Width, Height.
   15. Menu items, dialogs, and dialog-control items such as scrollbars,
       edit fields, and buttons, can be modified with Windows-style
       constants. Add them using the bitwise or operator, which is a
       vertical bar (|).
   16. Resource script files must be compiled using the Resource Compiler.
   17. It is usually easier to use a resource editor than to write complex
       resoure definitions using script files.
   18. You must include code in your Turbo Pascal program to load and use
       the resources.

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