> Crt Unit Procedures and Functions


  Crt Unit Procedures and Functions

   AssignCrt        Proc   Associates a text file with the CRT window.
   ClrEol           Proc   Clears all the characters from the cursor
                           position to the end of the line.
   ClrScr           Proc   Clears the screen and returns the cursor to the
                           upper left corner.
   Delay            Proc   Delays a specifed number of milliseconds.
   DelLine          Proc   Deletes the line containing the cursor.
   GotoXY           Proc   Moves the cursor to the given coordinates within
                           the virtual screen.
   HighVideo        Proc   Selects high-intensity characters.
   InsLine          Proc   Inserts an empty line at the cursor position.
   KeyPressed       Func   Determines if a key has been pressed on the
   LowVideo         Proc   Selects low-intensity characters.
   NormVideo        Proc   Selects the original text attribute read from
                           the cursor location at startup.
   NoSound          Proc   Turns off the computer's internal speaker.
   ReadKey          Func   Reads a character from the keyboard.
   Sound            Proc   Starts the internal speaker.
   TextBackground   Proc   Selects the background color.
   TextColor        Proc   Selects the foreground character color.
   TextMode         Proc   Selects a specific text mode.
   WhereX           Func   Returns the X coordinate of the current cursor
   WhereY           Func   Returns the Y coordinate of the current cursor
   Window           Proc   Defines a text window on the screen.

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