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 ▄ Input Box

The input box is where you do the following:

 ■ Type text in explicitly
 ■ Enter a word, phrase, file name, or project
     name with standard DOS * and ? wildcards
 ■ Enter a directory name

All the regular text-editing keys work in this box.

 ■ If you keep typing once you reach the end
   of the box, the contents automatically
   scroll so you can keep on typing.

 ■ If there's more text than what appears in
   the box, arrowheads appear at the end;
   click the arrowheads to scroll the text.

If there is a Down arrow icon to the right of the input box, a history list is attached to the input box.

 Entering and Listing File Names

 ■ If you enter the entire file name and then
   press Enter, Borland Pascal opens that file.

 ■ If you enter a file name that Borland Pascal
   can't find, it automatically creates and
   opens a new file with that name.

 ■ To filter names appearing in the Files list
   box, enter part of a file name or use DOS
   wildcards (* and ?).

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