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 ▄ Command-line (Start-Up) Options

When you start the Borland Pascal IDE from the DOS command line, you can add start-up options to the command line.

Turbo Pascal command-line options use this syntax:

  TURBO  [options]  [files]

Borland Pascal command-line options use:

  BP  [options]  [files]

where [options] can be one or more options, separated by spaces.

 ■ Place a + (or a space) after an option to
   turn it On.
 ■ Place a - after the option to turn it Off.

These are the IDE's command-line (start-up) options:

  Option │ Default  │ What It Does
    /C   │ TURBO.TP │ Loads a configuration file
    /D   │ omit /D  │ Dual monitor mode
    /E   │ /E28     │ Changes editor heap size
    /G   │ /G-      │ Enables full graphics memory save
    /L   │ /L-      │ Use only when running on an LCD screen
    /N   │ /N+      │ Enables/disables CGA snow checking
    /O   │ /O112    │ Changes overlay heap size
    /P   │ /P-      │ Controls palette-swapping on EGA adapters
    /R   │ /R+      │ Specifies default directory
    /S   │ Current  │ Specifies "fast" swap area (no EMS)
         │ directory│
    /T   │ /T+      │ Loads the .TPL at startup
    /W   │ /W32     │ Changes window heap size
    /X   │ /X+      │ Places system resources in EMS
    /Y   │ /Y       │ "Remembers" symbol information between compiles

You can set these startup options from within the IDE, in the O│E│Startup Options dialog box.

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