> Command-Line Options


 Command-Line Options


The command-line compiler lets you invoke all the functions of the IDE compiler from the DOS command line.

Command-line options use this syntax

      TPC   [options]   <file name>   [options]
      BPC   [options]   <file name>   [options]

 where [options] can be one or more options, separated by spaces.

  - Place a + (or a space) after an option to turn it On.
  - Place a - after the option to turn it Off.

Compiler directive options

   Option               Meaning
   /$A                  Align Data
   /$B                  Boolean Evaluation
   /$D                  Debug Information
   /$F                  Force FAR Calls
   /$G                  Generate 286 Instructions
   /$I                  Input/Output Checking
   /$L                  Local Symbol Information
   /$N                  80x87 Code (Numeric coprocessor)
   /$R                  Range Checking
   /$S                  Stack-Overflow Checking
   /$T                  Typed @ Pointer
   /$V                  String Var Checking
   /$W                  Windows Stack Frame
   /$X                  Extended Syntax

Compiler mode options

   Option               Meaning
   /B                   Build All
   /F                   Find Error
   /L                   Link Buffer
   /M                   Make
   /Q                   Quiet (no IDE equivalent)

Conditional defines option

   /D                   Conditional Defines

Debug options

   Option               Meaning
   /G                   .MAP File
   /V                   Debug Info in EXE Option

Directory options

   Option               Meaning
   /E                   EXE and TPU Directory
   /I                   Include Directories
   /O                   Object Files Directories
   /R                   Resource Directories
   /T                   Turbo Directory
   /U                   Unit Directories

 Most of the command-line options have equivalent menu commands.

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