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 Character strings

A character string is a sequence of characters from the extended ASCII character set, written on one line in the program and enclosed by apostrophes.

A character string with nothing between the apostrophes is a null string. Two sequential apostrophes in a character string denote a single character, an apostrophe.

The length attribute of a character string is the actual number of characters within the apostrophes.

Control characters

As an extension to standard Pascal, Borland Pascal allows control characters to be embedded in character strings.

The # character followed by an unsigned integer constant between 0 and 255 denotes a character of the corresponding ASCII value.

There must be no separators between the # character and the integer constant.

Likewise, if several control characters are part of a character string, there must be no separators between them.

  - A character string of length 0 (the null string) is compatible only with
    string types.
  - A character string of length 1 is compatible with any Char and string
  - A character string of length N, where N is greater than or equal to 2,
    is compatible with the following:
  - any string type
  - packed arrays of N characters
  - the PChar type when extended syntax is enabled with the
    {$X+}compiler directive.

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